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What is the reason I must complete the Fate of the Gods postquest content to runescape 2007 gold the Completionist Cape instead of the Song From The Depths afterquest content? Are these requirements part of a Trimmed requirement instead? Why does the Completionist Cape require the player to open all the museum Kudos which are lore-related content but not the Trimmed Completionist Cape. This cape is supposed to focus on postquest content such killing the four slayer bosses in the smokey well after Smoking Kills.

Only one storyline about ports is required. This isn't logical. You can have either none or all. It is best to avoid this, as Trimmed requires that you complete each of the four.

Certain things are logical. This is the highest-levelled cape that isn't part of the Max Cape and Completionist Cape range, and it seems absurd to unlock the top cape available (Completionist Cape) without having the second-best (arguably) cape in the first place. The fact that you don’t possess the Koi Scales mean you have to make it.

Also, this specific "requirement" kind of polarizes my opinion about what is on the Comp Cape requirements list, and not - complete Prifddinas. In other words, do every awful requirements that the city can throw at you, by unlocking all the "of the (clan)" titles alongside a bunch more, such as The Famous, Slayer Master as well as completing the other tasks to earn XP lamps that each clan leader has on offer.

Prifddinas completion seems simple enough. But, Prifddinas only one of numerous cities that are located within the game. Prifddinas is the "high-level hub" however there's something unique about Prifddinas, that it merits an entire set of Completionist Cape requirements. The requirements add up to create Prifddinas the biggest requirement outside of osrs fire cape service the quest capse, each task, totaling 2595. Just my opinions.


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