Perfect for Liquid, Coffee, and Powder Packaging

Perfect for Liquid, Coffee, and Powder Packaging

Stick packs fulfill the desire of today's consumer for convenient, single-serve, on-the-go packaging. From drink mixes to legal cannabis products to pharmaceutical powders, Viking Masek's stick pack machines can quickly and reliably package it all. With available changeover kits, multiple stick sizes can be easily packaged on a single stick pack machine.Get more news about Seaweed Stick Packing Machine,you can vist our website!

Viking Masek offers stick pack machinery for all levels of production demand, from our entry level 2-lane stick pack machine all the way up to a 20 lane ST1200 machine, able to package up to 1,600 stick packs per minute!

With available options like tear notches, various seal patterns and shapes, static elimination, embossing, and more, a stick pack machine can meet your exact specifications. Also available with IQ/OQ construction, our stick pack machines are a great solution for pharmaceutical packaging.

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