The 7'1 German became an Dallas Mavericks

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The 7'1 German became an Dallas Mavericks hero during his entire 21-year NBA career, taking the Mavs to 15 NBA tournament appearances. He was also a major part of Buy NBA 2K22 MT their winning season in 2011 with the team, winning MVP in the process.

Nowitzki proved to be a flexible frontcourt player, who was primarily an power forward. He was a superb shooter for his size, the forward made 88% of free throws, and almost 50 percent of his field goal attempts.

This is evident in NBA 2K22's stats, which include his Free Throw rating at 92 , and his Mid-range shot at 98. The playmaking skills of Nowitzki are where his problem lies with a 64 Rating. But an overall 98 proves the power of his play.

He is affectionately known as the Hick the Hick French Lick', Bird is only the one person that has been recognized in NBA History to be named Rookie of the Year as well as Most Valuable Player, NBA Finals MVP, All-Star MVP and Coach of the Year, and Executive of the Year. This demonstrates his ability to keep his place at the top of the line and, crucially how he changed to the ever-changing environment of the NBA regardless of his position.

Bird was adept at three-point-shooting, while he's also remembered as an excellent passer, with his agility making him a strong team defender, too. This can be seen in his game stats with NBA 2K Coins a 98 Three Point Shot, 94 Pass Accuracy , and the Help Defense IQ of 97 contributing to a rating of 98 overall.


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